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Ryker Cohen

1mbsite Review

What is 1mbsite
1mbsite is a hosting platform that lets you host your site, as long as it's under 1 megabyte. It's a fascinating concept. I wanted a bit more backstory, and what inspired the project, so I contacted Dalton Edwards, the founder of 1mbsite. 


Here the backstory of 1mbsite by  Dalton Edwards

"When I originally created 1mbsite it was called Simple Site. It was a basic concept. You could create websites through an API using the same single file setup 1mbsite uses today. The rename to 1mbsite was completely random. I was searching for domains and saw that  was available, so I renamed Simple Site and changed the max storage to one megabyte. I was inspired to create 1mbsite because web developers of all skillsets need a place to learn, experiment, and thrive. The front end code editor is geared more towards beginners. For advanced users, there’s an API and command line interface. I worked on this project for 27 days before launching on Product Hunt. I never could’ve imagined this outpouring of support. 1mbsite is a valuable tool being offered completely free."

Personal Experience

So I was actually the 11th user registered on 1mb. It was interesting to see the project become bigger and bigger. I have had basically no issues using the site. The code editor was always smooth, even on my iPad. It was nice that I could edit my site right there on different devices. It's also nice that Dalton includes templates for beginner developers to work off of. Everyone has to start somewhere, so it's a nice feature. I also like how it shows things like syntax errors for new developers. It is a very nice way to edit your site. You can even toggle the preview to witness changes to your site in real time before its live! A newer feature is the formatting for the site size. It's nice to see and display how big your site is. And it shows how small a good site can be. I couldn't find any documentation on the site on how to do it, but it is in the template "Dalton." Also if you just want that string, here it is : "<p>My site is {{ size }} bytes (or {{ size_kb }}KB or {{ size_mb }}MB). – Storage Used: {{ storage_used }}%.</p>".  As well, 1mbsite added a feature to add your own domain. All you do is have to donate over $5, and you can host your site, have your own domain, and have an SSL. That's a steal, especially for beginner developers.  Another cool feature is that you can go to any 1mb site and type "/boost" at the end if you want to help support the site by running a crypto miner. It helps support Dalton and keeps the site running! I really do not have anything to complain about.


1mbsite is a fantastic site. It can be used in a variety of ways from using it to start learning how to code to make more complex sites. There are many different options for everyone to use. And the best part is, The core of the project is free! The only thing that would cost you is to put your own domain. It is a steal to use 1mbsite, as you can use it for no cost! I have enjoyed using my 1mb site as a gateway for my essential info. The possibilities of what you could do with your own 1mb site are endless.

Thanks for reading my review! Leave a comment if you have anything you want to add! 

Important Info

Update #1

As of 10/29/2018, I was accepted to be a moderator of 1mbsite. I wrote this post before, and becoming a moderator of 1mbsite did not affect my review.


Dalton Edwards October 25th, 2018

Thanks for writing this up! It’s written very well and I appreciate the shout out :)

Alex P October 25th, 2018

Very well written, I agree in every way! One thing; don’t call me AlexCoding, just call me Alex P. when you link me :3


1mbsite Review
1mbsite Review

October 29th, 2018

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October 25th, 2018