First Update

An update and recap of September to Mid October.


Ryker Cohen

First Update

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog.  Here are a few updates about some projects and miscellaneous things.

Sniped Host

In Mid September, I launched Sniped Host. We had a couple of sales; then, I decided to private the sales at the beginning of October. If you still wanted to get hosting, you could join our Discord and Fill out an application. We did upgrade our current users to our best plan. 

Personal Email. 

So I was fed up with all of my cPanel custom emails going to spam. So I invested in a dedicated mail hosting. I found an old active Black Friday deal for MXroute. I got a fantastic deal to host my email and all future projects. It makes using personal emails a lot more convenient as people who email mail me will see my reply, rather than it going to spam. 

Personal Updates

My life has been pretty busy lately. I work pretty long hours as well as attending school.  I try to keep up with everything. On the weekend I probably won't be active as I usually have a packed weekend. I try to be pretty busy during the week unless I have work. Thanks for Understanding.


Thanks for reading this post. I plan to do a smaller post and a long post here and there.  I appreciate taking your time to read this. There is a comment section for anyone interested


Alex (you know me) October 24th, 2018

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I had a good time reading this! Fix the spelling in some cases tho!


1mbsite Review
1mbsite Review

October 29th, 2018

First Update

October 25th, 2018